Welcome to The IQ Hub


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Welcome to The IQ Hub.

The IQ Hub is part of the "Seek" project and deals with the topic of Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and other related topics. Our main aim is to bring about an interesting and inciteful website that will elaborate and show, where possible, different viewpoints and perspectives on a lot of issues relating to the chosen subject matter.

We welcome you to post articles and participate in debates. Please try and keep your debates and questions subjective and relevant and in this field just remember that as long as a question is open ended there is no real right or wrong answer - it usually boils down to ones' opinion.

As part of some of our content, we will be pulling interesting stories and information from all over the internet, some of which you may/may not know about. The Seek Project was inspired by the likes of Tony Buzan, James T. Webb, Manahel Thabet and other influential figures. In the future we will try to have Guest Speakers and Interviews and much more - so please watch this space. Enjoy your time here and once again, welcome to The IQ Hub.

The 5 websites in the "Seek" Series are : The IQ Hub, A Gifted Mind, The Quantum Buzz, Women Power ME and Financially Engineered

Latest Articles

Updated: 06/07/2016
(Medical Xpress)—A pair of researchers at Harvard University has found that our conscious
Updated: 10/07/2016
Visit the website of brain-training software NeuroNation and you're greeted with a
Updated: 07/03/2016
Dr Manahel Thabet was granted the rare privilege of The Freedom of the City of London by
Updated: 10/07/2016
Does your morning routine consist of checking emails, browsing Facebook, downing coffee,


Updated: 10/07/2016
There are several different ways of performing a brain test. Scanning the brain is called
Updated: 10/07/2016
Does your morning routine consist of checking emails, browsing Facebook, downing coffee,
Updated: 10/07/2016
IQ, the standard measure of intelligence, can increase or fall significantly during our
Updated: 10/07/2016
The brain is the most complex organ in the body. It is the organ that allows us to think,

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The "Seek" Series

This website is part of the "Seek" Series and is inspired by people such as Thomas Buzan, Manahel Thabet and more.



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